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Contact Lens Handling





q Check the lens to be sure that it is not inside out, torn or damaged.

q Place the lens on the index finger of your dominant hand. Be sure your finger is dry.

q Pull the lower lid down with the middle finger of the same hand.

q Bring the lens in front of the eye and look up.

q Place the lens on the sclera (lower white part) pressing lightly.

q Remove your index finger, look down and release the lower lid. If blinking should present a problem, the other hand may be used to hold the upper lid.

q Empty case of used solution and rinse case with hot tap water. Leave open to air dry for the rest of the day.




q Pull the lower lid down with the middle finger of your dominant hand and look up.

q Place your index finger on the lens and slide it down.

q Gently squeeze (do not pinch) the lens between the thumb and index finger. Remove lens.




q Place lens in the palm of your hand with 2-3 drops of cleaning solution in the lens.

q Use the index finger of the other hand and rub lens against the palm in a back and forth from the center to outer edge for approximately 20 seconds. This is important even if the solution is marketed as a “no rub” solution.

q Turn lens over and repeat. Rinse the lens after cleaning is complete.

q Place lens in proper well of lens case about ¾ full with fresh prescribed disinfecting solution.




Artificial tears are used to rewet contact lenses if occasionally they become dry. 


q Be sure to wash hands before instilling drops.

q Only use drops that say that they are for rewetting contact lenses.

q Do not touch the tip of the bottle to anything including the eye since this can contaminate the bottle.

q Do not use allergy drops or ‘red eye’ drops with contact lenses. They contain medication that can be trapped in the lens. Remove contacts before use and use sparingly. Some of these medications have an addictive property and the eye can be more red than when not used.




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