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Digital imaging-OCT

1 Summer Fall 2012 159

OCT or optical coherence tomography takes a whole new look into the eye and allows us to evaluate a direct cross-sectional image of your retina.   The retina is the innermost lining of the inside of your eye which is composed of several layers and functions like the film in a camera.  The OCT allows the doctor to see what is below the surface.  Similar to ultrasound, the OCT uses light to view the layers of the retina assessing it's characteristics. 

This advanced-technology instrument never touches your eye, so there is no discomfort.  It is safe and requires only a few minutes of your time.  Most importantly, the OCT helps the doctor to clearly see the internal structures of your eye so problems can be treated before they progress.  It is particularly important for those with diabetes, glaucoma (or glaucoma suspects) or those using the medication Plaquenil, to have this scan due to high risk of ocular health changes.  We are so excited to have this technology available to our patients for in-depth assessment that not only documents but gives us more information about eye health.



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