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Pediatric eye examinations


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The Ontario Association of Optometrists has recommended a child's first routine eye assessment at 6 months of age and then again annually after the age of 3 years.  Children do not need to know letters to have an eye examination and we like to make it fun!

Assessment includes clarity of vision but also how well the eyes work together and ocular health.  Good vision is critical for children to achieve their full learning potential so it is important to have an eye examination.   Eye exams are covered by OHIP for children under the age of 20 years.

Our office participates in the Eye See, Eye Learn program available for children registered in Junior Kindergarden.  This program promotes the importance of eye examinations and provides a complimentary pair of glasses, if required, in participating regions like Niagara.  Read more about Eye See, Eye Learn.

For more information about children's eye care, look in our Eye Library – Children's vision section.




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We are gradually opening our office to scheduling exams for our patients. Contact the office to schedule an appointment but please be aware that we have a limited amount of spaces each day. We will do our best to see you in a timely fashion.

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