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Vision Therapy

An estimated 1 in 10 children have a vision problems severe enough to impact their learning in school. A comprehensive vision exam with an optometrist checks all aspects of eye health, vision and visual skills. Clear and comfortable vision is an integral for proper learning and development. Undetected vision problems can result in difficulty with schoolwork and extracurricular activities. Children will tend to avoid tasks that are difficult or make them feel inadequate and are unlikely to complain about vision problems since they are often unaware of what normal vision should be.

Vision Therapy is a doctor-supervised customized program that works to allow better visual comfort, visual efficiency and grace of eye movements. It can alter the way a person interprets what they see including improving depth perception and tracking. It can help the struggling reader, the athlete, or someone who has suffered a brain injury. Children with learning difficulties including Dyslexia or Attention Deficit Disorder are often found to have significant visual problems affecting their learning. If so, vision therapy can help these individuals improve their reading and overall classroom performance.

Dr Merritt Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is not only for children, as many adults have as much need for this type of vision care as children. Vision Therapy can be very effective for adults because they are usually more motivated to improve their visual abilities, whereas children may not understand that they have a problem or how that problem may affect their interests or future. Children with visual problems often become adults with visual problems. It is never too late to consider vision therapy to improve your binocular vision comfort.

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